Sabre Car Escape Tool (3-in1)

Sabre Car Escape Tool (3-in1)


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Key Features:

    • Window Breaker: This tool allows the driver to smash any window in case of an emergency when your car is stuck or filling up with water.
    • Seat-Belt Cutter: When you crash, your seat belt can lock on impact. This tool is equipped with a razor blade that is specially designed to cut your seatbelt off you to prevent further injury or death. This can cut through malfunctioning seatbelts in seconds.
    • Pepper Gel: Whenever you leave your house you should always have a self-defence safety tool. The pepper gel is an easy-to-use gel that does not allow any blow back into the user’s eyes, and stains the targeted persons face, allowing security identification of the criminal.

    Make sure you are protected today, for all situations, with Safe My Mate and Sabre.


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