Reflective Knee Warmers – White


Reflective Knee Warmers – White


Safe My Mate™ Knee Warmers use only premium grade breathable fabric; handily equipped with a UV protection factor, moisture management technology and temperature control to assist you in achieving optimum performance levels. These warm and cozy knee warmers ensure that your legs remain dry during exercise and keep you safe on the roads by using the highest quality reflective material.

They are designed to quickly dry any perspiration and are also easy to take off and to put on. These Safe my Mate knee warmers were designed to prevent injury and improve flexibility caused by the cold. They focus on warming up your knee joints and your tendons, allowing you to move more freely and keeping warm in the cold winter days.

Key Features

  • Luminous and reflective fabric and print,
  • ‘Stay Cool’ temperature management, breathable fabric,
  • Moisture management,
  • UV protection factor: UPF 40- 50,
  • Made in South Africa,
  • Designed for improved mobility and flexibility,
  • Injury preventative design,
  • ICE Tag (In Case of Emergency),
  • Available in male & female specific sizes,
  • Colour options in Black (Front & Back), White, Black Full Leg, Orange, Pink, Blue and Green

These Safe my Mate Knee Warmers are trusted by thousands of athletes all over South Africa.

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Be Smart, be Seen, be Safe my Mate

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