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Cyclist Pepper Spray with Adjustable Bike Strap


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Protect yourself and your bicycle with the SABRE Cyclist Pepper Spray with Adjustable Bike Strap. Attached to bike with Velcro strip for quick accessibility when needed.
45 bursts (5X the competition) helps to protect against multiple threats and a 10-foot (3 meters) spray range puts more space between yourself and the threat, helping you escape to safety. It also contains UV marking dye which helps authorities identify an aggressor after they’ve been sprayed.
The hook and loop bike strap is adjustable and provides secure placement on your bike’s frame for easy access in an emergency. The pepper spray attaches to the strap with a hook and loop and can be quickly torn away for fast protection.
Get multiple uses out of your pepper spray; SABRE pepper spray has a 4-year shelf life (2x the competition).