About Safe My Mate™

Safe My Mate™ is a South African safety apparel start-up with a social mission: to increase the visibility and safety of pedestrian commuters on our roads

Founded by mother and son duo, Debbie and Stuart Stopforth, Safe My Mate™ offers high visibility reflective apparel and accessories that combine functionality with comfort and safety. As ardent outdoor sports enthusiasts themselves, the two are well aware of the perils of road activities and the need to take adequate safety precautions that can aid in protecting yourself and others. To this effect, they’ve created a range of simple apparel – ideal for walkers, cyclists and runners alike – that provide wearers with high quality protection, helping to ensure that no matter where or when you are out on the road, you can be assured of staying safe and bright!

The Safe My Mate™ range uses only premium grade breathable fabric; handily equipped with a UV protection factor, moisture management technology and temperature control to assist you in achieving optimum performance levels. A unique feature that sets Safe My Mate designs apart is that all items include an ICE tag that allows for an emergency contact to be on hand at all times. Available in a wide variety of colours, the choice of items: including sleek, stylish arm and knee warmers, sweat head and wristbands and a useful, multi-purpose buff, offer the perfect opportunity for corporate branding that synthesizes with the proudly South African ethos upon which Safe My Mate is founded.

Because Safe My Mate is not only a range designed for the athletic amongst us, it’s a startup with a social mission to increase the visibility and safety of pedestrian commuters on our road. More than 500 pedestrians are killed on Western Cape roads every year – a gut-wrenching statistic that so alarmed Debbie and Stuart that they have structured the business part of their venture to provide for a sustainable community outreach effort.

As a result, the Safe My Mate™ Commuter Pedestrian Initiative will channel 5% of all revenue realised from the sale of arm and knee warmers into the supply of free safety wrist and arm bands to commuters in an attempt to dramatically decrease the mortality rate among utility cyclists who are most at risk in the low light conditions of early mornings and evenings. These wrist and ankle bands also carry the unique ICE tag which ensures identification in case of emergency.

In addition, plans are in the pipeline to launch an awareness campaign around these safety issues that will primarily target schoolchildren. The ‘Stay Safe My Mate, Talk to a Mate’ campaign will aim to educate children around road safety and also assist with skills training programs for development riders.

Should you wish to learn more about this incredible safety initiative or collaborate with us on this exciting journey, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. Alternatively, should you be looking for great gifts for sporting events or corporate events and wish to view our full product range, we can easily arrange to speak further with you.

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